Well, There You Go ...

… to come to the aid of their King Under the Mountain.

Our King is in a battle, and he needs our help!  The current dire situation (as of April 3 at 3:21pm EDT):

torn-marchmadness-4-03-14-320pm Our King needs your votes!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Legolas to be a forthright Elf, true of heart and understanding of nature. But, he is, after all, an ELF!  Our (dare I say it?) MAJESTIC King should not be defeated by one such as him.

There remains little time, as this battle will end on April 5th.  Hie thee to Middle-earth March Madness Final Four and VOTE! Gather your family and friends to VOTE!  Call out to yon Hobbits and Wizards to VOTE!  To keyboard.  To iPhone. To SmartPhone.  And more!


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