Awesome legs 🙂

Ancient Armitage

While Armitageworld has been buzzing with rumors of new projects (I have to force myself to let the rumors lie and wait for confirmed facts..the speculation kills me.) I’ve been pondering something else entirely.  Legs.  Men’s legs.  Yeah, they don’t usually make a big impression on me.  In fact, I was thinking about the subject this weekend, and it seems that I classify male legs much the same as I do wedding cakes.  For me, the majority are unremarkable, passably attractive, but mostly “meh.”  Occasionally though, I encounter one that makes me sit up and say, “Holy S%*t that is amazing cake!”

The Greeks were big fans of the “Holy S%*t” variety of legs as well, especially during the Archaic Period (~650-490 BC).  A popular sculptural form of this period is known as the KOUROSThe kouros is a free standing nude male sculpture in the round…most commonly made…

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