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There is method in't

Theatre is as versatile as life. It can be boring, powerful, sentimental or anything else it wishes to be. But having said that, this is the first time I’ve had a physical reaction as well as an emotional one while watching the actors on stage.

The Crucible is a classic which you might have encountered (read: been force-fed) in literature class. Written by Arthur Miller back in 1953, it is as much an allegory of McCarthyism and the political hunt for Communists back in 1950s USA as it is a timeless story of how easily people turn against each other out of spite, revenge or want of power. The play is set during the Salem witch trials and shows the villagers of one particular town where a young girl named Abigail, together with some other girls,  begins to accuse people of witchcraft. Abigail has her own motives for this. After…

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