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A must read Guylty *ooof*!

Guylty Pleasure

“Christ Almighty!” I quote myself here, with my immediate reaction when I followed the link that Sahraobsessed had thankfully alerted me of via Twitter. You may imagine that exclamation at about lawn mower decibels with a measure of post-marathon breathlessness thrown in. Oh, and of course with the same tone of incredulity that a 7-nil soccer win against Brazil elicits *ggg*. Many, many curses are currently floating around in my brain in reaction to the images. “What the f*ck, Armitage???” is actually the tamest one of them all. 😀 Ok, Guylty, hold it together and do your duty now.

How extraordinarily fortunate that I had started researching for an *ooof* on Wednesday – and lo and behold – for the image that adorns the offensive ST article… Well, ditch that image (which I am not *that* fond of, anyway) and instead choose a triple *ooof* from the rest of the…

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