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I am participating in Blogging 101 which begins today. The instructions for today are to introduce yourself.

I have had my blog for about nine months but I have never really written much. I believe I created it because to open a Tumblr account I needed a WordPress account. I chose my name because I am a fan of Richard Armitage (best known for playing Thorin in The Hobbit and most recently John Proctor at The Old Vic Theatre) and I think of a treehouse as a playground – hence Richard Treehouse. I also chose it because it was available across most social media. I have occasionally referred to myself as Tree.

crucible 2

I am a mom of a 30 year old son and I have a permanent disability. I have been married twice and am currently on my own. For the first time in my life I am deciding how to spend my time. I spent a few years on illness websites and discovered it made me feel worse more of the time than not. I was searching for something to do and came across several very interesting blogs about Richard Armitage and his fandom. I am often intimidated by the intelligence and writing skills of many his fans. I had never been a fan of a celebrity before nor had I spent much time watching TV or movies. It has been a very interesting and entertaining experience.

I also am interested in photography and follow several photography blogs. Once in a while I will join in on one of the challenges. I am not a professional and I take most of my pictures with my smartphone. There was a time was I was pretty obsessed about gardening so you may find some photos of my gardens from time to time.


I almost forgot to mention my dog, an adorable Schnoodle. I am allergic to most dogs and never thought I could own one until about seven years ago. He is independent, can be very funny and occasionally will cuddle. He will only cuddle if I have been very good that day πŸ˜‰


So I guess what I’m saying is you’ll find some things about Richard Armitage, some things about my life, some photos and some news about my dog. Welcome!