I have a new problem that seems to be multiplying. One neighbor had a doberman for years. It was extremely well trained and never a problem. Unfortunately it died last year and he has replaced it with a puppy (doberman) who is not trained at all. I don’t believe it’s vicious but it has jumped on me at my mailbox and it is bigger than I am. It is loose at least once a week if not more. I have called the police because the owner was chasing his dog in my backyard at 2 am.

Another neighbor has a very well trained dog – seems to be a mix but I’m not sure. She decided to get another dog. She now has an 8 month old rescue pit bull. It has been loose on several occasions and likes to hang on my porch when it’s loose. It attacked her own cat which is now missing a lot of fur and seems mentally impaired (I assume from the shaking.) Now that I think of it I haven’t seen her cat in days. I have called the police on her dog.

Today a new neighbor let their pit bull run loose and it headed for the little girl (about 5 years old) that lives upstairs. She was crying in our driveway and I knew it was a real scream. I called 911. The owner did corral the dog while I was on the phone but they still sent the police. The little girl was not hurt but extremely scared.

I am somewhat nervous walking to my car now as this is three out of the four houses across from me that have an aggressive dog. I am more concerned for my Schnoodle because although he is a fluff ball that weighs 30 pounds he thinks he is tough and barks at these dogs if given the opportunity. He barks at our outside door at times and I know it is because one of the dogs is on or near our porch. There is a leash law in our area so they are breaking the law when the dogs are loose. I also know I would try to protect him which is probably a very bad idea.

Kirby on Back

It’s bad enough that I have been looking at apartments. I have lived here for six years and it has been mostly positive. I love my next door neighbor and like the people upstairs. Anyone have any ideas?