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Mr Thornton to cheer me up!

Mr Thornton to cheer me up!

Real life has been seriously interfering with my fangirl life. I’ve missed a lot and don’t know if I’ll ever catch up 😀

I’m planning on watching North & South tonight and following on twitter. I hope I can make it happen. I’ve been having problems with my Linksys wi-fi and it may or may not work tonight. I’ve spent more time on it than I care to think about. I have a “smart” router and apparently it needs extra care. Who knew if I bought the more expensive router I would have more problems! NOT impressed with Linksys customer service.

On a positive note I have not seen a dog off leash since the post where I thought I might have to move. I’ve only seen one of the dogs and he was being walked by his owner 🙂

Hope to see you tonight!