Sounds like fun!

Something About Love (A)

On Thursday, November 27th, 2014-all day long, all time zones, pop in when you can–we are hoping that those who wish to, might “virtually” share in this very unofficial, come when you can, but hopefully fun RichardArmitage Fan Friends Thanksgiving Dinner potluck meal on Facebook and here on this blog.


christmas pudding with custard
Because of course, a holiday without the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage, is like a turkey dinner without plum pudding (right).

As an aside, I was trying to find some plum pudding–a Grati family holiday food staple from our Brit ancestors–the food is really a dense chocolate cake with raisins, rum, etc.   But I ended up with something the Brits refer to as spotted dick. How appropriate. Ha! Oh well, I’ll make my usual brown sugar glaze for it which will probably neutralize any taste differential.

This RA Fan Friends Thanksgiving Dinner event is…

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