Nicely said.

Well, There You Go ...

So close in the Semi-final round, but Mr. Tennant’s troops had some real muscle behind their voting.  And we all know that the DT vs RA voting was a real loyalty-testing battle for more than one of our forces.  Totally understood.

But, the voting hasn’t ended!  There’s still the matter of placing for Bronze. Still being up there on the podium with Gold and Silver. Whatever the outcome of this final round, we’ve made a proud showing for Mr. A.  But wouldn’t it be nice to be #3 instead of #4?

So, let’s get out there and show what Richard’s Well-Wishers can do.  Let’s show ’em what we all learned in Boot Camp (either RH or Dwarf or both 😉 ).  Let’s show Lucas and Porter that we have staying strength.  Let’s show Thorin just how focused we can be!

Browsers set?

Synchronize fingers!


And remember … this is what we’re…

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