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Picture from my kitchen window about 4 am.

Picture from my kitchen window about 4 am. Sorry about the lousy quality of the pic 😦

On Tuesday night about 11pm I saw a truck with flashing lights and a man with a blue light on his helmet. He was walking up and down the street and at first I was suspicious. As time went on more and more trucks with flashing lights arrived.  At one time I counted seven trucks all with lights flashing. Jackhammering commenced about 1am and continued until about 6am. At some point water was shut off, I don’t remember the exact time. Apparently there was a water main break (they can tell by the pressure?) and they had to find and repair it. I saw many, many workers and it was 2 degrees that night (with wind chill much lower.) Talk about a lousy job! Imagine being called out of your warm bed in freezing temperatures to stay up all night running a jackhammer or backhoe. A big thank you to our public service workers!

Taken from the window of my vehicle.

Taken from the window of my vehicle.

This is from my neighbor’s driveway a few minutes ago. I’m taking the picture from my SUV so I’m about four feet off the ground. If you look closely you can see the plow’s light in the center of the snowback. You can also just see the blade toward the right side of the picture. You can imagine how much fun this is when driving. Every corner is a blind corner. In the background is a sample of what our skies look like from November to April (I’m exaggerating slightly.)

Wind chill is currently 11 degrees below zero. An update on my cabin fever: I have not left my property since last Thursday (except for my neighbor’s driveway.) Out of curiosity I looked up the symptoms of cabin fever:

The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association characterize the symptoms of cabin fever as:

• A lack of patience
• Always feeling tired
• Feeling unproductive and unmotivated
• Feeling sad or depressed
• Lethargy
• Difficulty concentrating
• Craving carbohydrates or sugar
• Difficulty waking in the morning
• Sleep disturbance
• Social withdrawal
• Irritability

I found the above info in this article:


So heads up if I have no patience or am irritable it is from my ongoing cabin fever. Still not out of food, though 😀

Hope you’re having better weather! Tree