Jollytr has compiled a collection Of The Crucible gifs, caps and artwork. Nicely done.

Just Richard Armitage

I debated about it – wondering, pondering, considering.  Surely people are overloaded by now?  Maybe … maybe not.  In any case, it’s challenging to navigate the tags on Tumblr, so I figured that I’d create a bit of a digest of The Crucible that has been done in the last few days.  This is a collection of screen caps, gifs, art and misc. arising from the recent worldwide release of the film.  I have gone through my archive, the Proctor tag and The Crucible tag on Tumblr and hopefully have found most, if not all, of the offerings.  Below I will provide the link and 1 image from that post.

It is quite interesting to review all of these posts and see how many are of the controversial topless and kissing scenes … and then look further to see the poster’s notes.  Despite claims to the contrary, there were only four posts…

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