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Tourmaline .

Have you guys heard about Google’s A.I. and its dreams? The images have been spreading about the web for awhile now, but when I heard that there’s an online app where you can try it for yourself, well, I had to check it out.

Basically (Business Insider):

“Google’s image recognition programs are usually trained to look for specific objects, like cars or dogs.

But now, in a process Google’s engineers are calling “inceptionism,” these artificial intelligence networks were fed random images of landscapes and static noise.

What they get back sheds light on how AI perceive the world, and the possibility that computers can be creative too.”

From gizmodo:

“The “Deep Dream” system essentially feeds an image through a layer of artificial neurons, asking an AI to enhance and build on certain features, such as edges. Over time, pictures can become so distorted that they morph into something entirely different, or just…

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