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My sweet Kirby has been very ill. I have spent $1,100 for testing with no treatment plan from my vet. I have been reading on the internet voraciously and found a site/forum that is awesome. Kirby was first diagnosed with Cushings disease and then more recently diabetes. Still with NO treatment plan.

To make a long story short(er) the Cushings site sent me to their sister site for diabetes. They felt that was the first and most critical thing I needed to address. They have helped me learn how to test Kirby’s ketones and blood glucose and how to administer insulin. They have given me a starting dose for the insulin and Kirby is already responding. They have even taught me to regulate his feeding schedule (he just turned eight at the end of September.) While none of the members are vets they all have (or have had) a dog with diabetes. I have been a member since Thursday and have had over 70 replies.

I can’t tell you how happy I was this morning when I had to chase Kirby to get the ketone reading (you have to put the stick in his stream of pee.) Until today it had been super easy – he was that sick.

He has lost over a third of his body weight. He went from 31 pounds to 19 pounds in 6 months. I have been very upset about this and my vet had me feeling hopeless. Maybe Kirby has other issues but I am thrilled he is acting more himself today.  If anyone needs advice or support for either of these canine diseases PM me and I will give you the names of the sites.

We see a new vet Monday 🙂