Clark Ave porch

This is my porch. Today while I was taking a nap someone broke into the upstairs apartment and stole two TV’s, a Playstation, etc. The house is a double and I live in the lower half. They broke in my climbing on the deck that you see. I was napping in the bedroom straight back from the door. In other words, they put a ladder up to the deck and carried out TV’s etc. while I napped below them. I did hear noise but didn’t look until they were pulling out of the driveway.


Chilling poolside.

My “guard dog” didn’t bark either. At first I was mad at myself for not looking out and/or checking what was going on sooner. My neighbor said I was much safer because I didn’t look or go outside. This happened about 2:00 pm in broad daylight. 

The police spent at least an hour checking with neighbors and getting finger prints. I was glad they took it seriously. 

I hope you’re all staying cool. Have a great weekend, Tree 🙂