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I spent many years married to someone who was mentally ill. I tried over and over to normalize behavior that was not normal. It’s hard to describe how hard I worked at explaining behavior that I should never have tolerated. The relationship went on for almost eighteen years. It has taken me years to recover and I still have a hard time interacting with people, especially men.


It has occurred to me that there are strong similarities with our PEOTUS. I think many of us are expecting a rational, thinking human. I also think there are people who believe they can shame him into changing his behavior. While the illness is different (I believe) the result is the same. It is impossible to force/shame a person who is thinking irrationally into behaving differently.


I’m not sure what the answer is but I know that there isn’t an easy one. I know I can’t go down the rabbit hole where I believe DT will change. It is still a constant struggle for me to not believe a person can change.


There are many other issues but I keep banging my head against this one.