‘Urban & shed crew’ – the film

A very generous and thoughtful account by Hariclea of her experience in Leeds at the film premiere of UATSC.

Opera is Magic

I was lucky enough to be able to see the film twice over the last weekend and I can honestly say I could watch it again, several times and enjoy it just as much. It is just that kind of story and that kind of film – the kind whereby you gain more and more understanding by going back, where you don’t feel the story has been told and it’s the end. You feel compelled to go back for a reminder about the realities it captures but also for the impulse to action it provides. Just as the book it manages not to close the chapter but rather to start a journey.

Films and stories like these are rare in our world of quick fixes and adrenaline trips.

Bernard Hare’s book which underpins the film is not only a very emotional experience; it is an extremely well written book. The…

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BBC’s Pride & Prejudice – 20 years!

For Pride and Prejudice lovers, a very entertaining post!

The Book of Esther

I was celebrating Colin Firth’s birthday here two weeks ago and now it’s time to celebrate the BBC’s 1995 apaptation of Pride & Prejudice!

20 years ago today, on September 24th 1995, I eagerly tuned in to BBC One to see what they had made of the latest adaptation of one of my favourite novels: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I had at that time only ever seen one screen adaptation of the novel, the Laurence Olivier one, and I didn’t much care for it. So, I sat down to watch on that Sunday evening and the first episode opened with Lizzie Bennet walking outside and watching two horsemen ride in the distance: Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy…

I immediately took to Lizzie and her sisters, Mrs. Bennet was a hoot and Mr. Bennet was her tormentor, oh what a joy to watch!


And  then… Mr. Darcy appeared in…

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Help Needed

Richard’s admirers once more show their compassion!

Guylty Pleasure

Dear friends, sisters-in-RA, fellow human beings,

over the weekend, no doubt you have seen the heart-breaking image of a little Syrian boy, washed ashore in Turkey. For me it has highlighted the urgent need for all of us to step up to the plate and do something about the current humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, as have the images of hundreds of people welcoming the refugee trains in Austria and Germany, with food and gifts. Tbh, I am put to shame by the efforts of some of my friends who are actively helping on the ground. A friend of mine is organising shelter in Regensburg (town in Southern Germany), directing the logistics of sheltering refugees, collecting items and welcoming the first busloads of refugees. Another friend in Austria is collecting items. Even in Ireland my German friends are active. A crafty friend of mine has pledged all proceeds…

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Richard’s chemistry with … Bloggers & how they support his life’s goal … part 2

Frauvonelmdings continues her “Richard’s chemistry with bloggers” and includes me!

frau von elm-dings

After a special birthday gift for the man himself about “Richard’s chemistry with … Richard III” now the second part of the “Richard’s chemistry with … Bloggers” series. My “act of kindness” towards people who honor Richard’s work in their own special ways 🙂

Appearance again in alphabetical order, with a “special guest” as the first participant:

Richard Armitage & Ali from richardarmitagenet.com
Ali has a communicative, airy Gemini Sun opposite her energetic and curious Sagittarius Moon, while her Ascendant is in earthy, structured Virgo.
As Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communcation, we can see a really strong emphasis on this theme. The house where our Sun is, is the area where we want to “shine” and Ali’s is in her 10th house of vocation, public status, career – together with three other important planets: Mercury (let’s talk about something), Venus…

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One Word Photo Challenge: Hail



This happened in the middle of summer.

This happened in the middle of summer.

This is for Jennifer Nichole Wells photo challenge. I took these pictures a couple of years ago. It was one of the strangest weather related things I’ve seen. It hailed heavily in a three foot by one foot area. You can see little bits of hail along the sidewalk too.

Hail with sidewalk

My dog Kirby was fascinated by it.


Hail with Dog

Kirby my dog



Chilling poolside.

Chilling poolside.

My almost eight year old dog has been really thirsty. When I mentioned it to the vet they ran some tests. His bloodwork shows a marker for a possible tumor among other issues. He has had a few tests – over $500 worth now. The last one was an eight hour test (he was mad at me for days afterward.) After being told it was the definitive test, it was inconclusive. The vet consulted with a specialist and he needs another test. They said to have it within a month so I’m giving him a little break before the next one.

What are you guys doing?

What are you guys doing?

Meanwhile he had a great time at my friends pool yesterday. He doesn’t like to stay in the water; he just comes in and cools off. He was watching all of us when this was taken. I admit to having my phone by the pool so I could take pictures of him 😀