My dog Kirby was a fighter to the end. He had been steadily declining and has been “in hospice care” according to my vet for almost a year. He was 9 1/2 years old and was my first long time pet. I am missing him terribly and I’m sure I will be for a while. I keep breaking into tears. I can’t really believe he’s gone.


Chilling poolside.


Kirby last night

Kirby last night on my lap

Kirby profile

Classic Kirby profile

Kirby Puppy

Kirby as a puppy

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Mental illness influencing my world


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I spent many years married to someone who was mentally ill. I tried over and over to normalize behavior that was not normal. It’s hard to describe how hard I worked at explaining behavior that I should never have tolerated. The relationship went on for almost eighteen years. It has taken me years to recover and I still have a hard time interacting with people, especially men.


It has occurred to me that there are strong similarities with our PEOTUS. I think many of us are expecting a rational, thinking human. I also think there are people who believe they can shame him into changing his behavior. While the illness is different (I believe) the result is the same. It is impossible to force/shame a person who is thinking irrationally into behaving differently.


I’m not sure what the answer is but I know that there isn’t an easy one. I know I can’t go down the rabbit hole where I believe DT will change. It is still a constant struggle for me to not believe a person can change.


There are many other issues but I keep banging my head against this one.



LOL Odd News

Odd news of the week
A Kansas man robbed a bank last week to go to jail and avoid his wife, AP reported. Lawrence Ripple, 70, told his wife following a fight Friday “he’d rather be in jail than at home.” Ripple walked to a bank in Kansas City and handed a teller a note demanding money. The teller gave him nearly $3,000, at which time Ripple took a seat in the lobby and told the security guard he was the suspect. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Break In



Clark Ave porch

This is my porch. Today while I was taking a nap someone broke into the upstairs apartment and stole two TV’s, a Playstation, etc. The house is a double and I live in the lower half. They broke in my climbing on the deck that you see. I was napping in the bedroom straight back from the door. In other words, they put a ladder up to the deck and carried out TV’s etc. while I napped below them. I did hear noise but didn’t look until they were pulling out of the driveway.


Chilling poolside.

My “guard dog” didn’t bark either. At first I was mad at myself for not looking out and/or checking what was going on sooner. My neighbor said I was much safer because I didn’t look or go outside. This happened about 2:00 pm in broad daylight. 

The police spent at least an hour checking with neighbors and getting finger prints. I was glad they took it seriously. 

I hope you’re all staying cool. Have a great weekend, Tree 🙂

Taking care of Kirby


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My sweet Kirby has been very ill. I have spent $1,100 for testing with no treatment plan from my vet. I have been reading on the internet voraciously and found a site/forum that is awesome. Kirby was first diagnosed with Cushings disease and then more recently diabetes. Still with NO treatment plan.

To make a long story short(er) the Cushings site sent me to their sister site for diabetes. They felt that was the first and most critical thing I needed to address. They have helped me learn how to test Kirby’s ketones and blood glucose and how to administer insulin. They have given me a starting dose for the insulin and Kirby is already responding. They have even taught me to regulate his feeding schedule (he just turned eight at the end of September.) While none of the members are vets they all have (or have had) a dog with diabetes. I have been a member since Thursday and have had over 70 replies.

I can’t tell you how happy I was this morning when I had to chase Kirby to get the ketone reading (you have to put the stick in his stream of pee.) Until today it had been super easy – he was that sick.

He has lost over a third of his body weight. He went from 31 pounds to 19 pounds in 6 months. I have been very upset about this and my vet had me feeling hopeless. Maybe Kirby has other issues but I am thrilled he is acting more himself today.  If anyone needs advice or support for either of these canine diseases PM me and I will give you the names of the sites.

We see a new vet Monday 🙂